Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Ghost Costume

I just love this time of the year. Halloween is the best. I love to decorate and now that I have a little one I get to make cute little costumes.
I was inspired by a costume that I saw on Pinterest - of course! Isn't that where ALL inspirations come from? lol. What I love most is how stinkin' easy it was to make.
I went to Joann's to get Tulle, which was on sale - Woot Woot! And I got some black and white fabric, Googly eyes and crochet head band material on a spool. I believe that I didn't spend more than $10 dollars...well, I had to buy a white shirt too which was $4, so I guess I spent $14 :)

The crochet headband tu-tu skirts are so easy! 
Measure out how much headband you will need and cut. You can either hand sew it together now or wait until you are done adding all the tulle and then sew it.
All you have to do is fold your tulle over - slip it threw one of the holes on the headband - and make a knot.
For a clearer view so you can see how it is done reference the picture below from 

Now for the shirt all I did was select some cute material and cut out ovals for the ghost eyes. I used iron on adhesive to attach them to the shirt. Then I hot glued the eyes on top of the ovals.
And wa-la! You have a super cute and easy Ghost costume for your little one :)

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Katharine Devinney said...

I saw your costume and wanted to say it's so cute and creative (even if you did copy it). I just made a tutu using a ribbon instead of a band. It's for my sister's dog that I've been dog sitting. I have to get photos so I can share them. :)

Kassi Mortensen said...

What a cute costume idea!!! Thanks for sharing it with us at Fancy This Fridays! We featured your cute picture today...


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